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2020 "Virtual" All Pool Meet

No matter which HyTek Program you use, all results times entered should be in SCY (25 Yards).
To convert a time done in SCM (25 Meters), the time should be converted using the factor of: 1.11.
i.e.  30.50 SC Meter time.   Divide 30.50 by 1.11 = 27.477 or 27.48 SCY.
Using Meet Manager:
Restore the meet using the linked file to your MM.
Run your meet and input the hand times in the results field.
When finished:
Go to file-export-results for meet manager and select merge of the same meet and send that file to Roger.  
Also: Email Roger a PDF results file of the meet.
Using Team Manager:
Download the linked file of Meet Events into your TM.
Enter times achieved in your meet in the entry field as if you were entering this meet.
Export the file and times as an entry and send to Roger.
Also: Email Roger a PDF of the entry report.
Roger's email:
NOTE: 15-16 Freestyle should be 100 and not 50.   You can edit it in your file in TM or MM by clicking on event and changing the distance. 
Updated TM file has been posted Tuesday evening 8/4.